Group 7: New Member Joins The Group

Dear Followers of Group 7,

There has been a change to Group 7's lineup of members.

After our last exhibition at The Slade Centre in Gillingham in May & June 2021 Fran Donovan decided to step down from Group 7 to explore other commitments. We were very sorry to lose her after such a long time with the group but understood her reasons for leaving and wished her well for the future.

We are now looking ahead and are pleased to announce and introduce to you the painter and printmaker Stephen Powell who has accepted our invitation to join Group 7. He and his work will fit in very well with us all and we welcome his contribution to making painting and printmaking a contemporary experience.

Some of you may know Stephen as an art tutor as several of the group have taught alongside him at various art schools in the South of England.

Stephen's skill and knowledge of working with colour and form in an abstract manner will enhance any future Group 7 exhibitions and we hope you will enjoy looking at his work and CV on this website so you can see for yourself something of what to expect in our upcoming shows.

Looking forward to the time when we can hold a real Private View so you can meet all of Group 7 again in person and talk about the works on exhibition. We will of course keep you posted about our future exhibitions.