“group 7” are all long-term practitioners who have a strong commitment to the media of drawing, painting and printmaking.

United by their confidence in painting as a relevant and vital medium, the artists in “group 7” are committed to developing and substantiating the position of painting in contemporary practice. All the artists are producing powerfully mature and expressive works, where colour is a common denominator, expressed through their unique and individual use and application of the aesthetics of colour, surface and composition.

Subject matter inhabits the world of evocation and resonance, rather than literal description. The imagery creates and activates a visual and psychological space which in some cases alludes to the physical world, but is as strongly associated with the ability of colour or mark to carry meaning and significance, in their own right.

Each member of “group 7” individually exhibits in numerous galleries in the UK, EU & USA. Work by the artists is held in many public, corporate and private collections, and included in numerous catalogues and books.